Why Should You Call A Lawyer Immediately After A Car Crash?

auto crashWhy should you call a lawyer immediately after a car crash? The reason you need to call a car accident attorney is to protect your rights.  Whether you are the victim, or the person at fault, having a car accident attorney represent you is the only way you can ensure that you are not taken advantage of.  Assuming that you are the victim, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer before you talk to any insurance company.  Insurance company representatives may act friendly when they talk to you, but the truth is that their job is to take advantage of you.  They want to get you to accept a settlement so that they can avoid going to court and risk having to pay out a large settlement.  You have to remember that no matter how good an offer may seem, an insurance company will never offer you any more than they have to.

Another important reason that you need to hire a personal injury lawyer before even speaking with anyone about your accident is to avoid having your statements used against you.  Insurance adjusters and attorneys are experts at manipulating what you say and getting you to make statements that can be harmful to any future claims you may make.  Don’t make the mistake of talking to an insurance company after a car accident until you speak with a car accident attorney.  If you want a fair settlement for your accident claim, then you need someone on your side who can fight back for you.  You need an expert of your own to deal with whatever experts the insurance company plans to send after you.  You need a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are treated fairly.

Believe it or not in many cases the simple act of securing the services of a reputable car accident attorney will be enough to scare an insurance company into giving you a larger settlement.  The last thing that any insurance company ever wants is to have to go to court.  When they go to court they run the risk of having to pay out an even larger settlement.  On top of that there’s always the chance that a public court case will open the floodgates and get other accident victims to pursue legal action of their own.  Because of all of this you can be fairly confident that once you have a personal injury lawyer on your side that you will be offered a settlement.  Don’t be afraid to allow your lawyer to take the lead in negotiations either.  This is what they do for a living, and since the money they make is a percentage of your settlement they always have your best interests at heart.  In many cases a good car accident attorney will use the threat of going to trial as a means to get an insurance company to up their offer to you.  This kind of tactic may seem harsh, but the truth is that if the insurance company had it’s way you wouldn’t be getting any money at all.

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